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How's my driving?

Comments and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated. If I'm doing something that you like or dislike, then I would certainly like to know about it. However, let's all be mature and respectful of each other's opinions. There's no reason to act like a bunch of five-year-olds~♥

[Also doubles as voicemail post/OOC plotting/whatever so please don't be shy and do title comments appropriately.]

Relationship Chart-Thingy

Positive feelings = Hakkai thinks you are hot =
Neutral feelings = You confuse Hakkai = ?
Negative feelings = xthis character has been dropped

Hakkai loves you~♥Collapse )

Rumors - Dream 05

Warnings: Mean girls?
Dream Effect: Severe social anxiety, which fades off at the end.

He's so creepy.Collapse )

[After the dream was over, Hakkai woke up to find his Dreamberry glowing purple and an object sitting beside it. He quickly turned the Dreamberry off before anyone could see what his gift was.]

Video Post 04 - A Question

I've heard that there are various research projects being conducted among the, ah... "residents" here. Is it possible for a "visitor" such as myself to become involved? I'm rather curious about the concept of dream energy.

[Hakkai is unaffected by the event, but he's playing along with it because trying to convince people who are affected that they're not really residents would just be awkward. Since Hakkai is unaffected, he doesn't actually have a job in research, but I thought I'd have him ask around about it because it's something he'd be interested in.]

Overgrowth - Dream 04

Warnings: Violence, blood, mention of rape.
Dream Effect: Pain, hatred, anger, and the creepy sensation that there are vines growing all over your body.
Filter: Friends
Note: I thought it would be good timing for this. Since plants are sprouting up all over the place, it probably would give Hakkai nightmares. Not that there's anything that doesn't, really.

A human who bathes in the blood of a thousand demons, becomes a demon himself.Collapse )


Things Remembered - Dream 03

Warnings: Hints of domestic violence, mention of neglect, and the sudden dramatic abuse of a bead table.
Dream Effect: Sadness, emotional detachment, anger, and despair.

Filtered to friends*Collapse )

[*The "friends" mentioned in the filter would include anyone that Hakkai's talked to more than once. Mostly people he's known for awhile (like Gojyo, Tamaki, Elizabeth, and Alice), but also people he's met recently (like Nozomu).]

Video Post 03 - Accidental Music

[It seems that the video post feature was accidentally triggered, because all you can see at first is the white fabric lining the pockets of Hakkai's pants. You can also hear music playing. As the song continues you notice the sound of cloth brushing against a hard surface with an occasional wet squeak, sort of like a mop being dragged across a floor. When the song ends, the other sounds stop. The Dreamberry is pulled out of Hakkai's pocket and into the light. Then it turns so that you can see his face.]

Ah... the video post seems to have turned itself on.

[The video abruptly ends.]

Chasing the Impossible - Dream 02

Warnings: Random craziness, flirting with cliche pick-up lines, groping, the sudden appearance of someone who's gone missing and one who's been long since dead. Mention of incest.
Dream Effect: Open admiration (for Elizabeth), confusion and fear (for Alice's well-being), embarrassment and attraction (to Tamaki), surprise and affection (for Sanzo), awkwardness and aching desire (for Gojyo), relief and fondness (for Goku). Then, as the coupe de grace, you will feel shock so intense that your entire body is paralyzed (Kanan has that effect on him).

Because he's so starved for affection....Collapse )